Sure, life comes with plenty of “have to’s,” but there’s also that long and often neglected list of “wanna-do’s.” If you’re ready to start tackling that list, Electric Works has just what you need. Take in the latest gallery show. Shop an artisan market. Sing along with local performers. When it comes to spending a little “you time,” Electric Works checks all the boxes.

Public Art

Supporting Public Art is core to our ethos at Electric Works. To date, we’ve supported dozens of local artists commissioning mural across campus.

We are excited to announce a global RFQ for the largest piece of public art on campus, a mural to activate a 40,000 sf. wall adjacent to our 296-unit apartment project, the Elex.

Artists Apply Here –>


Application Deadline is May 31st.

Theoplis Smith III’s mural embodies the story of this historically significant campus. As you pass through the tunnel, take note of the artwork which highlights the evolution of General Electric in Fort Wayne. The viewer is catapulted back to the 1880 origins of the company–the 140 year old drawing board. Consider the golden era of the trolley cars that once rode along rails embedded into the pavement and helped transport some of the 20,000 General Electric employees to and from work. Consider that for over 100 years thousands of people traversed this tunnel on their daily walk to work.

As the viewer walks toward campus and deeper into the tunnel, notice that the artwork  introduces visitors to a reimagined and renovated Electric Works campus. Today, Electric Works serves as the heart of innovation, collaboration, programming and cultural change for Northeast Indiana.

View Union Street Market Murals

Upcoming Events


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