Chapman’s to build flagship brewery and taproom at Electric Works, relocate headquarters to Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne Electric Works

Chapman’s to build flagship brewery and taproom at Electric Works, relocate headquarters to Fort Wayne

Chapman’s Brewing today announced that the company has signed a letter of intent to build and open a flagship brewery and taproom at Electric Works next fall. This new location will also become the headquarters for Chapman’s, housing the company’s corporate office and R&D functions in addition to the brewery and taproom.

Scott Fergusson, founder of Chapman’s Brewing Company, shared the company’s vision and excitement about Electric Works as a center for innovation and collaboration.

“We believe in Electric Works – what the campus has meant to Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, and the center of gravity it will become as the vision turns into reality. Our new headquarters will have a totally unique, artisanal look and feel, and we want to bring our customers into the heart of it. We will capitalize on the energy and innovation at Electric Works, while continuing to serve customers throughout the region online, at our thriving brewery and taproom in Angola, and our regional taprooms in Columbia City, Huntington, Wabash, and at Fort Wayne International Airport,” said Fergusson.

With a large footprint in Building 27 at Electric Works, Chapman’s brewery and taproom will offer family-friendly dining as well as retail space with ingredients and equipment for home brewers.

Jeff Kingsbury of Ancora, the lead developer of Electric Works, said, “Chapman’s flagship brewery concept fits perfectly with the vision of making Electric Works a vibrant and active 18-hour place, tying in with the spirit of innovation and creativity that is native to Electric Works. Chapman’s will be a destination for all those who visit and work at the Electric Works campus.”

Fergusson added, “Fort Wayne is the hub of Northeast Indiana, and we see Chapman’s at Electric Works as a tremendous opportunity to present an artisanal, creative culinary offering – a unique, full-service taproom with great beer and amazing food that takes the brewery visit to the next level of experience.”