Introducing the Electric Works Public Market Trust | Fort Wayne Electric Works

Introducing the Electric Works Public Market Trust

Drawing inspiration from the country’s most successful urban markets, the Electric Works food hall and public market will be a mission-driven, actively managed and curated facility that will feature independent small businesses selling a range of foods and beverages – with a focus on products grown, produced and developed in northeast Indiana.

To ensure the food hall and public market remains focused on its mission and community impact, we’ve created the Electric Works Public Market Trust, a nonprofit entity that will provide a range of educational, fundraising and oversight functions in conjunction with the market management team.

Modeled on similar entities that support public markets in other cities – like the Reading Terminal Market Preservation Trust in Philadelphia, the Grand Rapids Downtown Market Educational Foundation and the Pike Place Market Foundation in Seattle – the Electric Works Public Market Trust will support and strengthen that market’s mission in a number of key ways.

These include:

  • Helping the market create a dynamic and inclusive space for employees, customers and the public
  • Supporting the farmers and food producers of northeast Indiana
  • Enhancing community wellness
  • Providing access to healthy foods
  • Leading community engagement efforts on behalf of the public market
  • Implementing education programs and partnerships

The Public Market Trust will be governed by a board of directors that will be as diverse and inclusive as the community it serves. It will include members selected by the Allen County Commissioners, Mayor of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne City Council and RTM Ventures. Those board members will then select others representing key programmatic or philanthropic partners for a total board membership of up to 13.

As you can see, there’s going to be much more to the Electric Works food hall and public market experience and impact beyond vendors and products. And the Public Market Trust will play a critical role in ensuring that impact stretches far beyond the parameters of the market itself.