“The Project will generate lasting effects on the entire region.”

This past summer, RTM Ventures commissioned a national CPA and consulting firm to research and produce a detailed study of the expected economic impact study for Phase 1 of the project. Their analysis provides a data-driven narrative for just how transformative Electric Works.

Some highlights from the analysis include:

  • Electric Works will increase tax revenues
    • Federal, state, and local tax impact of $943 million over 20 years
    • State tax impact of $220 million over 20 years
  • Electric Works will create jobs
    • 1,981 jobs during construction
    • 2,830 jobs during operation
    • 1,565 direct jobs on-site during operation
  • Electric Works will grow the economy of northeast Indiana
    • $283 million in economic impact during construction
    • $387 million in annual economic impact during operation