Our vision for Electric Works is built on three key components:

Mixed-use Development

Simply put, the historic buildings are our canvas. This bold, adaptive re-use of the campus will maximize the facility’s density of existing structures and offer a broad array of uses – including innovation / education, residential, commercial, community and hospitality. It will be a highly walkable, accessible place.

Redevelopment Chart

Innovation / Energy / Culture

Through our activation and re-use of existing buildings on campus – combined with creative, diverse programming and activities – our aim is to create a world-class quality of place built on a foundation of innovation, energy and culture.

Public / Private Partnership

Projects this big and bold don’t get done alone; indeed, the private and public sectors each bring unique tools, resources and support that, when leveraged strategically and collaboratively, turn developments like these from dream to reality. As such, a unique and collaborative partnership will drive the development of Electric Works. While we are fortunate to benefit from incredible initial public support, it’s important to note that private investment – from local, regional and national levels – will be the largest component of Electric Works throughout the redevelopment process.

People Walking

Wish List

Just as important as our vision for Electric Works is your vision for it.

Fort Wayne Electric Works

What’s on your wish list for
Electric Works?

We’ve been asking people at events around the community – what’s on your wish list for Electric Works? What do you want to see on campus? What experiences do you want?

You have not disappointed – to date, we’ve collected more than 500 ideas on what people want to see at Electric Works, from health care and healthy food to music and museums – and just about everything in between.

Have your own ideas or inspiration for what you want to see at Electric Works?

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